loved and lost hos media

It is so unfair to love you so much and still lose you.


Most people end up getting married when they have loved someone like I love you, people who love their partners like I love you wish me nothing but genuine happiness little do they know that I had to give you up, hand you over to another woman as if I’m incapable of loving you, as if I am incapable of giving you the love you deserve.

I went to the doctor to consult about the pain in my heart and he said there is no prescription for my pain and that in time I will heal. You have been gone for 2 months but it feels like it has been two years, in my opinion time does not heal all wounds.

She can make you breakfast in bed but it will never come with a random love letter that expressed my love for you, she may support you in everything you do but she will never pray for u more than I prayed for myself like I did. Did you find the note I left for your woman? I wrote down all the things you are allergic to so she knows, wrote down your favourite TV programme and favourite dish. I have also ensured that she does not forget to run you a bubble bath with candles on the edges of the bath tub as well as roses in the tub, asked her to play your favourite songs when you’ve had a hectic day at work, I know she can never do those things like I did but I know it will make you feel loved and happy.

In as much as my womanhood has been disrespected I have handed you over to her hoping you will be happier. Why am I writing this you ask? So that you know how all of this made me feel since a lot has been left unsaid, perhaps that is why I lost you, either way you are no longer mine. If this does not make it clear how much I loved you, I do not know what else will.

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