MONEY MANAGEMENT: What They Don’t Tell You

We’ve all been in this position: money comes into your account, you get that SMS from the bank and you get excited. Then the money “magically” vanishes. Month end comes around and you’ve got too much month at the end of your money. Panic.

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Many millennials find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place, not being able to secure funding to continue with their academic journeys after matric.

Some are forced to go straight to work and are relegated to juggling school with a day job – others have to wait until NSFAS or other funding is approved in order to continue their studies – a lot of times, this waiting period takes its toll on young people who have ambitions to accomplish something in life.

We often wallow in a cycle of depression and anxiety, feeling like our world is caving in and we’re being left behind by our peers – too demotivated to even think about focusing energy on other things.

Many don’t realize that it’s in these times of uncertainty that our hidden desires come to surface.  It is so important to keep the brain busy in these stagnant periods. Often, it is in these situations that we find in ourselves skills that we thought weren’t necessarily there. It is imperative to maintain a routine in which you are being productive.

This could come in the form of writing, drawing, exercising, reporting, content creation – basically analyzing the ‘background’ skills you might have missed growing up. I believe this is what your energy needs to be converted into during period of stagnation or waiting.

Sometimes what’s best for us isn’t necessarily what we want at that specific time. Try to notice the little things happening around you because your habits play a big part in where you’ll land up one day.

Unusual breakthroughs are the ones that are most satisfying.

Stay strong. Keep on pushing.


Writer: Kholisa Skweyiya