I lost my bank card a couple of weeks ago and then learned to live without it.


Now I’m proud to say that life without a bank card, IS POSSIBLE.


Let me tell you a few reasons why you should get rid of your plastic.


  1. Having a bank card invites quick and unnecessary spending into your life, especially when you’re young and enjoying yourself in places like the club. Sometimes you spend money without checking the price first or if you’re very brazen, you give your card to other people who will spend your money as carelessly as you handed over your card.


  1. Anyone can steal it out of your purse/wallet. It can be hard to notice since they’re so slim & small. It’s a very easy thing to lose.


  1. I lost my cards at least 3 times and I was charged R130 for every new one I had to get from the bank. That’s also a disadvantage, it isn’t free to keep or lose your card.


  1. It can even break and you will still be charged for a new one.


  1. A card expires. You’ll have to make a new one & you’ll be charged.


  1. In short, bank cards just have way too many charges attached to them.


I’ve been using a banking app for a couple of weeks now. It is the greatest decision I ever took by mistake and I’m loving it.


Allow me to highlight a couple of the advantages that made me want to remain without a card.


  1. If I need to buy something, I simply send myself money through my phone number – this is called an e-wallet. Somehow, this method also teaches you how to stick to your budget.


  1. I don’t need a card for online shopping. I can use my App.


  1. I believe you can go to the branch & tell them to block your Airtime option if you have a problem of buying too much from your app with it.


  1. It’s also very helpful in that you have limited access to your money. To explain this in every day terms, even if you send yourself some money while at the club, you won’t be able to withdraw it, which means, in essence, that you save, unless of course there’s an ATM close by.


  1. You can buy Electricity through the app.


  1. It is very secure. Before you can get to the App on mobile, you first need to pass through the phone security (FaceID, Face unlock, Fingerprint, Password etc) then you’ll also be required to enter Pin, Password or Fingerprint to log into the App.


  1. You only pay a monthly maintenance fee for your bank account.


  1. You can open a variety of investment accounts right on the App with no professional assistance. That’s how easy it is.


In conclusion, if you are looking to spend less money on your banking charges and in general – and you would like to have a mode of payment that doesn’t involve the traditional plastic methods, cardless banking  is a viable, affordable solution for many south Africans – I would recommend, going cardless to all our readers as soon as possible.


Writer: Thapelo Masenya